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From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Case Review

Merit Screens – Determining if a case has merit — before you start

Let Magz LNC help you to decide if you should move forward with a case. We will point out:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the case

  • Potential defendants

  • Missing records early in the case

  • Potential expert specialties to consider to review your case

Case Summary and Analysis

A comprehensive review and analysis of medical records in injury or illness cases is an integral part of what we do. You have a story to tell to the jury and having the facts and evidence substantiated by an legal nurse consultant builds your credibility and achieves a better outcome.

Analysis will include:

  • Non-bias analysis

  • List of records reviewed

  • Identifying Missing records

  • Narrative summary of the medical records

  • Causation/Prognosis

  • Pre-existing medical conditions ( and explaining why this is pertinent)

  • Assessing alleged damages or injuries

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the case

  • Summary of the client’s diagnoses/treatment/ testing/procedures

  • Identifying gaps in treatment

  • Potential expert specialties to consider retaining to review your case

  • Identifying potential defendants

  • Identifying Explaining possible defenses

  • Education material

Chronologies & Timelines

Let Magz LNC comb through the medical records to find that needle in the haystack for you. An accurate timeline will help you be prepared.

Knowing the facts in the medical records can help you understand the medicine, better represent your client, and save you and your staff time and effort.

Our Detailed Chronology will include:

  • Date/time of facts

  • Source of records

  • Key facts as they are recorded in the records

  • Legal Nurse Consultant Comments

Reviewing medical records can reveal:

  • Crucial medical details the plaintiff did not share with attorneys

  • Incorrect dosage of medication or prescription drug abuse

  • Inappropriate therapies

  • Inaccurate diagnosis

  • Noncompliance/Non adherence

  • Adherence to standards of care

  • Inaccurate assessment of damages 

Medical Research

Get the Medical Research You Need to Support Your Case. Leave no stone unturned on medical issues or expert witnesses.
The devil is in the details, not only in the medical records but in the medical literature. Accurate, fact-based research can support your client’s claims or weaken your opponent’s case.

Why have Magz LNC do your medical research?

  • To help assist when deposing witnesses

  • To understand if there is validity to the claims made

  • To understand how the medical literature supports OR hurts your case

Here’s what you will get:

  • A summary of how the literature supports or refutes the medical issues

  • Your staff will be freed up to focus on other case requirements

  • It will be explained in a way you and a jury can understand

Magz LNC provides you the medical research you need to support your case. Let me summarize the medical literature you need to define issues that support or challenge your case!

Trial Graphics and Litigation Support

A picture is worth a thousand words! Helping jurors understand complex medical conditions and follow a fact pattern in your case is more easily achieved through a visual than the spoken word.

Magz LNC will develop trial graphics, medical charts, illustrations and powerpoint presentations essential to making your case easily understood and impactful. Examples of why this can be helpful:

  • You are concerned the jury would not be able to comprehend the medical concepts that are key to your case?

  • You want to show a timeline of care in a simple to understand graphic.

  • Putting a picture with a story will help you understand how and what happened.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Drafts for you to review.

  • Revisions until you are satisfied with the exhibits.

  • Finished, polished, clear visuals that explain your information.

Medical Research & Trial Graphics